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Swim For The Stars Offers a
Variety of Aquatic and Emergency Training

Are you interested in sharing in your experiences with the water? Become certified as a Water Safety Instructor or a Lifesaving Instructor.

We run Red Cross Emergency First Aid and CPR as well as Standard First Aid and CPR up to the level HCP (Health Care Provider).

Swim For The Stars is owned and operated out of Winnipeg, Manitoba by Jami Cadonic, an experienced Lifeguard and Swimming Instructor of more then 10 years.

The following courses are currently all booked up.
Please check back at a later date for availability.

Swim For The Stars Winnipeg offers Red Cross swim programs for infants, pre-schoolers, kids, teens and adults.

We offer fun and engaging private lessons for individuals who have physical or mental disabilities.

We offer courses in Rookie, Ranger and Star Patrol for kids who have completed their level 10 as well as the Bronze Family (Star, Medallion and Cross).

Please note that we are currently not accepting new clients.

Thanks for your understanding.

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