About Us

About Swim For The Stars

Swim for the stars is a young swim academy here to teach you how to swim! Our instructors have been trained through a variety of Winnipeg’s water safety programs and we have worked as a team to put together swimming lessons for any age from infants to adults.

About Jami Cadonic

Jami is continuously learning and developing her skills in and around the water. Jami loves to be in the water with swimmers and loves to meet all the families. Jami did synchronized swimming for many years growing up and loved every minute of it. Her love of swimming has opened many doors for her and allowed her many opportunities along the way. She loves the water and from the time she was little always new she was a water baby.

Why Choose Swim For The Stars?

At Swim for the Stars we are dedicated to teaching individuals how to swim! We focus on working with individuals to better their skills in a fun and productive environment. Our classes are really small and offer mainly private lessons. If you would like to do a semi private lesson we would recommend bringing a friend with you!

Please note that we are currently not accepting new clients.

Thanks for your understanding.

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